Thursday, June 12, 2008

Leaders of Our Time

Ever since I became self aware I noticed that the most influential leaders were the best speakers. In religion and in pop-culture today, the speech remains an effective medium to inspire.

Have you ever wondered what MLK Jr. would be doing today if he were still alive today? Same thing with J.F.K. or Gandhi. These men were all great speakers. They brought hope at a time when there was none. They surprised us when they lived and they continue to boggle our minds today decades after their deaths.

At a time in history when our nation is divided, we try to find the people who can invigorate our minds. The people who can get you to think and maybe even get you to act. 

The thing that joins these three men is their ability to make people feel as though they are talking directly to them. All the messages were simple ones. Economic equality and a general peace.

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