Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Not Business. It's Not Personal. It's Strictly Government.

Although similar as they may be, governments and businesses are separate entities - no matter how much they may seem to mirror each other - the two perform different roles. 

Government - there to serve all the people within its national borders. Government exists to repel anarchy and promote a progressive civilization. Government serves as a referee between the individual and the whole.

Business - there to benefit the shareholders - nothing else. Businesses exist to make money. In a business you are loyal to your boss.

Today, the American government operates like a business. Not a small family run business but instead a big corporation with no respect for the average american. The only respect given is to the shareholders - the people who have money invested in the system.

Not only does the U.S. government run like a business but a failing one at that. One can reasonably agree that if a company does not serve it's customers needs, the company stands to lose potential profit. When idiotic leaders take important roles in either business or government, they can destroy the company name - especially when they don't listen to the basic needs of the majority of the people.

If we can't count on the president to look out for our best interest, what can we do to make him?

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