Monday, February 6, 2012

Scott Brown: He's Too Sexy for Massachusetts

Republican Senator Scott Brown knows how to drive a truck and he knows how to wear a suit but does the man know how to lead Massachusetts in a down economy?

Does he have big ideas? No. Does he accept most of his campaign contributions from the insurance lobby and financial sector? Yes. Does he have to lie about Elizabeth Warren's "radical history" teaching economics at Harvard? Absolutely - if he wants a chance at winning reelection in November.

The Republican Committee of Massachusetts created an ad on their website which served as the inspiration for my Scott Brown attack ad. It makes the nerdy and overall matronly Warren look like a lunatic via use of editing techniques (grainy, shaky video - all it's missing is painted red eyes on Warren's horned head).

As you will see, my video makes light of a serious issue (incompetent & corrupt gov't officials in undeserving positions of power) whereas the Mass. GOP is making issue out of Warren's undeniably stellar record. When the GOP takes down their ad, I'll take down mine.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2 Minute Review: Rocksmith

Modern Art at the Met

You wouldn't think so at first, even when standing with your face inches away from the large image of this strange man. As it turns out, this is an oil painting. Their was a real live model but isn't this great?

Tibetan Buddhist Monks Increase Suicide Burnings

In 2011 16 Buddhist monks in Tibet killed themselves to protest Chinese occupation of one of the most peaceful people's on the face if the earth.

Increasingly Tibetans are committing suicide by dousing themselves and drinking gasoline and igniting themselves with a match. This a is a symbolic mutilation of the self - a cry for help - a call America is not answering.

Human rights will continue to be nonexistent in the region until someone fights for the defenseless Tibetans. America has to fix itself domestically before we can defend the innocents of the world.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Torture

81 year old Giles Corey was caught in a land dispute with a Puritanical magistrate. When he refused to enter a plea to the court, he was punished by crushing by stones. His famous last words: "more weight" is a perfect symbol reminding us that torture does not work.

By torturing our enemies, we have become equal to them in character. In so doing we have destroyed the very ideals we are at war fighting to protect. If America is to be an honorable leader in the world, righteous lawyers are needed to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law. As as an attorney, I want to end America’s practice of enforced disappearance, abusive interrogations and indefinite detention without trial.

The Geneva Conventions and the U.S. Convention on Torture explicitly prohibit inhumane and degrading treatment for prisoners of war. The law is clear but somehow American lawyers were able to conspire a legal way to employ torture and provide cover for those who allowed it. I have no direct connection to torture other than being a human being who respects the life and dignity of others. I deeply believe in my heart and mind that torture serves no useful purpose. It has only emboldened the enemy and inflamed the U.S. war in the Middle East.

Terrorizing the terrorist does not destroy his cause, it creates a cycle.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Promiscuous Grand Ol' Party

The current crop of Republican presidential candidates has left much to be desired on all sides of the political spectrum. President Obama's approval ratings are at record lows and the economy is not rebounding from the 2008 collapse. It's possible that a strong and smart conservative candidate could have a fighting chance at attaining the White House.

The 2012 presidential debates are doomed to be boor-fests much like the race to the finish line for the keys to 1600 Penn. Avenue unless either Chris Christie or even a somewhat plausible 3rd party candidate enters the race.

Mitt Romney will probably be the 2012 Republican nominee unless NJ Gov. Chris Christy decides to run. Texas Gov. Rick Perry's leased campground, nicknamed N-word-ville back in Texas has effectively ended his run. Old Man Time Ron Paul, bat shit crazy Michele Bachmann, authoritative to the point of absurdity Santorum and cheezy pizza candidate Herm Cain have absolutely no chance of winning the golden ticket. Gingrich and Huntsman look like wildcards right now.