Friday, June 13, 2008

P.O.W. John McCain VS Up-&-Commer Barack Obama: Pros & Cons

John McCain is the worst option - next to a 3rd Bush term in office - which is exactly what a McCain presidency would be. 

Barack Obama brings the biggest change to Washington since -- well ever. 

Obama offers a 180' change from the current strategies and policies of an abhorrent administration.

McCain will bring a continuation of the past 8 years of the attrocious Bush/Cheney governance. He is 72 years old and will be the oldest Republican Presidential nominee in history.

If he wins Obama stands to be the 4th youngest president in history. If the word change annoys you at this point - remember what it stands for - Obama has called for the following: troop withdrals, government transparency with an online accessible budget, end to federal raids on medical marijuana persons, promote anti-global warming legislation. 

McCain lies and flip-flops on issues including torture, the Iraq war, and campaign finance reform. He's unfit physically. He is completely misguided morally and has zero credibility.

If McCain wins I will not fight this war for him or any other politician who is completely out of touch with what concerns the goodness in all people. We know for certain that the Iraq war was waged under false pretenses, yet McCain continues to blather on about how we must win in Iraq. Win what?

John McCain is not all bad (I will attempt to be objective and give the man the benefit of the doubt) he does want to fight global warming.

Although it's hard to tell how credible the man is. You can't really take him at face value - it's impossible to trust what he says because he constantly gets caught lying -- blatantly. 

This is where we find the major difference in the two candidates with any real political substance -  the question of character. I have not seen any hard-hitting evidence where Obama has lied or attempted to cover anything up.

On the other hand, with McCain - there is a plethora of information validating the accusation that McCain lies. For evidence look below. 

Do we really want another liar in office?

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