Friday, May 30, 2008

The Truth: Is There Really Freedom of Speech?

The truth is a difficult thing to find these days. Politics obscures when it's supposed to enlight. The media is a fucking circus and the truth is missing today.

Technology has affected information in a way unfathomable to the human brain. 

Cyber space is an exponentially brilliant source of information prosumerism - (producing and consuming information) - and with the expansion programs like one-laptop-per-child people around the world will have an equal playing field in a forum where success can come also in an infinite fashion.

Do you know who invented the Internet? 

His name is Tim Berners Lee and right now he is on a quest to protect the Internet equivalent of the 1st amendment. This video concerning NET NEUTRALITY explains the fight between powerful telecommunications companies and our basic rights to a free and equal internet for all regardless of $.

Lawrence Lessig

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