Friday, May 23, 2008

George Bush Jr: The Worst President in American History:

George Bush Jr. is the dumbest person in history of the world to be leader of a superpower. 

Thinking about George Walker Bush - 1 word comes to mind - disaster. Bush is still undoubtedly the worst president to ever serve the office of the Commander and Chief of the United States Executive Branch.

George Walker Bush: A Secret History

Bush was a cheerleader in college. You may think he's a Texan but he actually grew up in New England. Obviously he came from a powerful family with ties to big money in the oil business as well as political ties from his father who was president and grandfather who was a U.S. senator. At Yale, George W. Bush was inducted into Skull and Bones - a secret society (like a glorified fraternity). He has admitted it on Meet the Press with Tim Russert.

History of the Bush Family:

Prescott Bush is grandfather to George W. Bush. He was a member of the Skull and Bones and was a U.S. Senator. It is said that Prescott Bush was a Nazi sympathizer. He helped Nazis escape Russia after the war and helped them financially.

Prescott Bush

Saudi Connection - Bush Involvement in the Persian Gulf

Bush is known to be an oil man. 

Connections - Harkem Oil/Arbusto
G.W. - Draft Dodger? 
James R. Baath 
GW: 9/11 Connection
Illegal War
Corporate Corruption & Cronyism
Enron/FEMA Chief/Tx Clean Air Policy
Awful Choice of Advisers: Rove, Hagee, other neo-cons
Lack of Transparency: Skull & Bones, missing emails, 9/11 Commission
Stealing Elections
Caught Lying (Golf)
Fear Mongering

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