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9/11: Proof of Inside Job

The following contains a list of sources and many pieces of evidence alluding to the conclusion that factions of the U.S. Government carried out some part of the 9/11 events.

Whether they knew about it and did nothing, carried out part of the 9/11 operation or worked to cover up the truth - it is our job as Americans to question our government in this instance.

WARNING: The information below is explosive and may not be appropriate for those who are apathetic, careless and close minded.

As a journalist it is my responsibility to be objective to all accusations and events no matter how big or small. Since the issue of 9/11 has proven to impact human life on an unprecedented level of anything in my lifetime. Since beginning research in 2005 or so, I have been compelled to report the facts in the most clear and concise way possible. The following is a short list of key facts that collude to the fact that the Government is hiding the truth about their relationship with the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Pentagon:
• The picture below is of the Pentagon after it was hit but before the outer wall collapsed. Next to it on the right is a picture from inner sections toward the center of the Pentagon. Notice the small perfectly round hole?

Here is a great site showing the most pictures I have seen of the Pentagon attack - before, during, and after something hit it. Check out the amount of debris.

World Trade Center Attack:

Explosives used in the buildings: Did you
know that there are people that were working in the basement of the World Trade North & South Towers at the time the buildings were hit? These people claim that they heard and felt explosions in the basement before the planes hit the building. There is also seismographic evidence for this theory proving that there were ground shaking events 8 seconds before the planes hit one of the towers.

WTC 7: One of the 7 buildings of the WTC complex. It fell down at 5:20 PM on 9/11. It was the third steel building in history to fall down. All three happened that day. It housed offices for the C.I.A. and a New York City emergency head quarters.

NOTE: WTC 7 did receive damage from falling
debris from the towers - significant damage. You can see evidence for the damage on this bottom corner of the building's base. The important thing to note here is the actual video footage of the building 7 collapse. In the video, you can clearly see the middle of the roof break and fall. NOT to the side but straight down - building 7 falls symmetrically into its own footprint. Also notice how the buildings right next to building 7 including the U.S. Post Office seem completely sturdy.

Larry Silverstein:

47 story steel structure completely fails in less than 7 seconds.

Molten metal found underneath WTC 1, 2, & 7 up to 4 weeks after 9/11.

BBC reports WTC7 collapses before it actually does.

• Marvin Bush: head of Security of WTC until 3 days prior to 9/11
• Misstatements from Bush after the fact can be found at

• Shanksville – where is the plane? Was it shot down?

Eyewitness accounts:

Witnesses account for proving that explosives may very well have been used in the buildings on 9/11. According to the 9/11 Commission Report, explosives were never a possibility in the collapse of any WTC buildings. According to the Commission, fires had led to the subsequent failure of steel beams that resulted in the destruction this is known as the pancake theory.

William Rodriguez: The 9/11 Hero

If you haven't heard of William Rodriguez yet you haven't done your 9/11 homework. Rodriguez was a janitor in the WTC complex for 20 years. On 9/11 he single-handedly saved thousands of lives. After the 93 bombing of the WTC he sued the NY Port Authority to get a skeleton key for the WTC complex. He won the lawsuit and thank God he did.

On 9/11 for some reason, doors leading to the stairwell in the towers were locked. Rodriguez unlocked the doors so people could get out alive. Rodriguez took it upon himself to help the inhabitants of the towers because he knew (since he had used the stairs everyday for so long and having knowledge of the complex) he could assist the firemen - especially because the firemen had to carry 40 lbs + of equipment on their backs.

Today, he travels the world telling people about what really happened on 9/11. I first saw him in Loose Change but since then, he has met U.S. Presidential candidates but has not received much traction as far as 9/11 truth goes in the media.


Family Members questions not being answered

Mainstream Media Against 9/11 Truth:

Debunking the Conspiracy Theory: The Pundits that Contradict the Evidence

This video is a computer simulation of a plane striking the South Tower.

• PBS Documentary – Why the Towers Fell: inconclusive

WATCH: at 3:30 in this video it shows a computer simulation of the outer floors falling in a pancake fashion. At 8:20 a scientist claims that he can understand why a lay person might think that there could have been a controlled demolition considering how the antenna on the North Tower fell in a straight downward motion saying the inner core went first.

Now this doesn't seem to make much sense on its face. How can the core column be destroyed in free fall speed? It defies gravity. If you through a ball off the top of the North Tower it would fall in about 10 seconds which is about how long it took for the building to fall.

The only difference is - how can something fall at free fall speed if there is a building underneath it - hundreds of floors ad columns and steel beams supporting the top. Shouldn't the lower flores at least create some friction - can we really assume they could all fail at once?

• Loose Change Debates Popular Mechanics

Who Stands To Gain? Why Would Anyone Do It?
• Prior Knowledge: Put Options
• Mysterious Evacuations
• Scientists and Engineers for 9/11 truth

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