Monday, February 6, 2012

Scott Brown: He's Too Sexy for Massachusetts

Republican Senator Scott Brown knows how to drive a truck and he knows how to wear a suit but does the man know how to lead Massachusetts in a down economy?

Does he have big ideas? No. Does he accept most of his campaign contributions from the insurance lobby and financial sector? Yes. Does he have to lie about Elizabeth Warren's "radical history" teaching economics at Harvard? Absolutely - if he wants a chance at winning reelection in November.

The Republican Committee of Massachusetts created an ad on their website which served as the inspiration for my Scott Brown attack ad. It makes the nerdy and overall matronly Warren look like a lunatic via use of editing techniques (grainy, shaky video - all it's missing is painted red eyes on Warren's horned head).

As you will see, my video makes light of a serious issue (incompetent & corrupt gov't officials in undeserving positions of power) whereas the Mass. GOP is making issue out of Warren's undeniably stellar record. When the GOP takes down their ad, I'll take down mine.

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