Monday, October 3, 2011

The Promiscuous Grand Ol' Party

The current crop of Republican presidential candidates has left much to be desired on all sides of the political spectrum. President Obama's approval ratings are at record lows and the economy is not rebounding from the 2008 collapse. It's possible that a strong and smart conservative candidate could have a fighting chance at attaining the White House.

The 2012 presidential debates are doomed to be boor-fests much like the race to the finish line for the keys to 1600 Penn. Avenue unless either Chris Christie or even a somewhat plausible 3rd party candidate enters the race.

Mitt Romney will probably be the 2012 Republican nominee unless NJ Gov. Chris Christy decides to run. Texas Gov. Rick Perry's leased campground, nicknamed N-word-ville back in Texas has effectively ended his run. Old Man Time Ron Paul, bat shit crazy Michele Bachmann, authoritative to the point of absurdity Santorum and cheezy pizza candidate Herm Cain have absolutely no chance of winning the golden ticket. Gingrich and Huntsman look like wildcards right now.

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