Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Question of a Socialist America

The notion that Barack Obama is a socialist is a true one - he's at least quasi-socialist. John McCain is part socialist also. McCain is a self-subscribed maverick which means no one can tell which way his decision-making mind is going. They both voted for the bailout package.

Both agree the bailout had to pass because of the possible repercussions of doing nothing. 

However, the notion from FOX News and the GOP that the democrats are completely screwing us [ideally as Sarah Palin puts it - the Trifecta] Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank is a farce. Both parties have deeply rooted problems with ethics and money handling issues. This facade of Democrats versus Republicans is getting tired - and it's also just beginning. When the Democrats win in a landslide this November - FOX is going to get louder - and probably steal back some listeners.

Politics is a dirty dirty game. Politics on the presidential scale are run like billion dollar Fortune 500 corporations. Dirty money flows at an oceanic scale throughout Washington. Democrats and Republicans alike accept dirty money and personal favors.

Socialism is when the governments run our life. Fascism is where the corporations run the government and therefore our lives. Democratic capitalism is a mixture - a balancing act between the two. A regulation or checks and balances on the fight between corporations and governing bodies.

The truth is that Socialism has been around for nearly one hundred years. Our government is made up of completely un-American entities like the Federal Reserve, Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid and possibly the IRS. 

Politics & Big Business Make Powerful Bedfellows

If you wanted to run against big corporations in an election of any kind it would be very difficult to win. Look at Dennis Kucinich and Ralph Nader. It's as if they're getting tossed about like rag dolls in the Octagon. It's shameful how Obama gets his money - but could he even come close to having a chance without all the big money backing? 

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